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Protect your feet

kidsbabylmkidsbabylm Junior Member
edited July 2010 in Employment/Jobs
The FiveFingers Performa was designed to enhance a barefoot feeling. The kangaroo leather upper feels soft against the bare foot, yet is strong and tear resistant. The FiveFingers Performa has full-coverage over the top of the foot similar to the FiveFingers KSO . The FiveFingers Performa all look pretty cool and more durably built than their predecessors. Meanwhile the 7-part Vibram rubber sole offers maximum feel and flexibility without sacrificing slip resistance. The FiveFingers Performa was designed primarily for indoor use during fitness training, CrossFit, and for after sport. The sole is not designed for extended use during outdoor activities like trekking, running, or water sports.
The FiveFingers Performa we wear make our foot muscles lazy, weak and more prone to injury. Walking and training in FiveFingers will challenge, strengthen and protect your feet.
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