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veterinarian applying for job

muhammad salahmuhammad salah Junior Member
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Personal info. :
Name : Muhammad Salah Ali
Date of birth : 11 May 1980
Nationality : Egyptian
Marital status : Married
Address : - permanent: Egypt – Ismailia – Fayed – Abu Sultan
+20643400586 ( land line )
- recent address: KSA – Buraydah – Al Gassim agricultral company
Mobile no. : +966533648947
e-mail : muh.vetdoc@gmail.com

Educational qalifications:
1995 – 1998 Fayed secondary school ( scientific ) 96 %
1998 – 2003 Bachelor of veterinary medecine & surgery . Suez Canal University ( BSC degree 5 years)

Work experiences:
Dec. 2003 – Jun.2004 Dakahlia poultry co.
Trainer as a veterinarian
Location : Dakahlia convence – Egypt
Job tittle : vet. In broiler breeder farm ( cobb 500 )
Pesponsibilities: applying biosecurity measures, vaccination, routine management work ( as weekly weighting – beak trimming -…….) , following up health status of the flock ( 55000 bird )by daily inspection of live birds & P.M.examination of mortalities.
Jul. 2004 – Oct.2005 Ismailia / Misr poultry co.
Location : Ismailia – Egypt
Job tittle : vet. In both broiler & broiler breeder sectors
Jul. 2004- Oct. 2005
Job tittle: Vet. In broiler sector
Resp. : resp. for everything with cooperation with agriculture engineers ( from disinfection ,preparation of the farm for delivering 1 day old chicks, performing optimum brooding conditions, vaccination, ………till production of a peffect birds fit for slaughtering"excellent weight with low mortality & culls and optimum feed conversion ratio " )
And my main responsibility is to maintain a good health condition for the flock .
n.b. ( broiler farm capacity 120000 bird / cycle)
Oct. 2005- Oct.2007
Job tittle: Vet.in broiler breeder sector
Resp.: resp. for both rearing & production farms ( 4 rearing farms + 10 production farms ) with help of another 2 vet.
• Applying vacc. Program in rearing and production farms.
• Applying dis. Prevention measures by fllowing ventilation system & its efficacy also following up letter condition and how to keep it dry all over the cycle….
• Applying Biosecurity measures .
• Following health condition by inspection & PM examination.
• Following up egg production curve in production farms and how to deal with birds in critical stages of egg prod. Curve to obtain perfect results.
• Following weekly weighting curve and body performance and flock uniformity in rearing farms.
N.B. Breeds dealed with are ( cobb 500 – Ross 308 – Arbor Acares ).
Nov.2007 – till now Al Gassim A gricultural Co.
Location : KSA – Al Gassim - Buraydah
Job tittle : Supervisor of the veterinary management department of the poultry project.
Breeds dealed with are ( Ross 308 – Lohmann).
Resp. for creating vacc. Program & application of it accourding to epidemiology.also application of biosecurity measures and dis. Prev. measures and maintain an optimum health condition ………………………
And we obtained best results in all cycles.
Rearing: tota loss ( mortality & culls) not exceed than 4 % in rearing period.
Uniformity not less than 85 – 90 %
Production: beak of egg production curve 82 – 85 %
Total egg ( H.H.) 165 – 170
tota loss ( mortality & culls) not exceed than 8 % in prod. Period.

Veterinarian with over 4 years experience in small & large animal management and treatment ( sheep,goat,cattle,camel,horses also rabbit management and treatment ) by working as a veterinarian supervisor for some private farms. ( during my work in Egypt)
Also have my own veterinary clinic in Egypt and have a good idea about vaccines and vet. Drug trading.

Extra experiences :
Training period for 2 months at lab. And slaughter house in Ismailia / Misr poultry Co.

Computer skills:
Basic computer knowledgement like:
M.S. Office ( word – excel – power point) and Internet surfing.

Other qualifications:
Languages : Arabic – English(fluent).
Driving license: Saudi and Egyptian driving license.

upon request
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