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my chicken is poorly

foxy finnfoxy finn Junior Member
edited July 2010 in Producers and Vets
my chicken is not eating properly she keep doing head and neck jerking she has lost a few feathers on her chest can anyone give me any ideas on what maybe wrong with her and if there is anything i can do???????


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited June 2010
    Sounds like a problem with her crop. could be gape worms or compacted or sour crop
    check her crop 1st thing in the morning to make sure it is empty.if its full and you can feel food in there even though she hasnt eaten all night then it could be compacted- often caused by eating grass clippings that are too long.1st try massaging it gently to see if you can get things moving
    check that it doesnt feel sqidgy or gassy. if it does and her breath is smelly then she may have sour crop- where food has been in her crop too long and started to ferment.
    also check inside her beak to see if you can see a worm- not always possible but a sure sign of problems if you can. try apple cider vinegar in her water or if you definately see something give her worming powder/liquid.
    is she acting normal apart from trying to adjust her crop? is her comb red?is she pooing ok?
  • jnwright23jnwright23 Junior Member
    edited July 2010
    Get her to a vet. One of my chicken has experienced that too, and found out that she ingested worms, causing her to not eat or eat less.

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