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Help my Rooster

catchickcatchick Junior Member
edited August 2011 in Producers and Vets
I need help with my rooster, I noticed he has a bad nail on the back part of his foot, the nail looks completely dead, what should I do ? I am new to owning roosters and chicks so bare with me please.


  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    edited May 2010
    Hi, the nail is dead as soon as it leaves the nail bed. If it is not causing him any problem it would probably be best to leave it alone. A new one will grow. If the nail bed look infected, catch the bird (when he comes out of the chicken house in the morning is the easiest), trim back the nail if you have the correct clippers, and clean up the nail bed with antiseptic as a starting point.
    Hope this helps and you enjoy your chooks,
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