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chicks leg

chickgirlchickgirl Junior Member
edited May 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
i am very new to this my partner and myself incubated some eggs and to our surprize we got 15 lovely chicks one of the chicks is a rir and its left leg was turned out to the side when it hatched out we thought it had a splayed leg so we made a splint with a plaster this helped him loads he can now stand upright and get around with the others but hes not putting any weight on this leg it seems that it was bent at his "hock" he seems to have feeling in it as its shaking a bit what can i do to help this little mite hes come on so well and other than that hes perfect!!!!!

i also have a little buff orpington it was doing super til this morning its lying down not very alert sleeping alot of the time i have them all under a heat lamp they are being fed chick crumb and hard boiled egg there is no respiratory symptoms that i can see all the others are flying about:confused:
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