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Ill Duck Miss Blank

jasonjayjasonjay Junior Member
edited May 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
Hi ive recently moved to france and decided to get some ducks for the pond so I can have fresh eggs..I have made a house for them so they settle in ok and all seems great...I got 4 to start off as I have a lot of land and the pond is quite big about 100 square metres of water..They are now 11 weeks old and about 3 days ago I noticed that one of them wasnt well..The problem she has is that she is really struggling to climb out the water and when she does make it out she has no ballance.I have found her upside down on more than one accasion and had to help her up as she cant do it on her own..She is still trying her best and swims about..She still eats her food but not as much as she used to...She dont seem to be able to clean herself as good as she used to so she is looking a bit scraggy at the moment and the others are looking great..Ive looked at her legs and they both seem ok and I dont think they are broken in any way... Can any one help miss blank
Thanks jay..
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