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hen needs help very naughty girl

valeaquatics2009valeaquatics2009 Junior Member
edited April 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
hi can anyone help please my largest hen has become a bully she is picking on the others realy badly she is called bluebell but acts like mike tyson all my other hens are terrified of her and i am worried she will kill one of em cos she shows no mercy she is a nasty piece of work she is about two years old lays wonderfull massive brown eggs dunno what to do i want to rehome her if i can but am very upset at loosing her .but cant risk her killin the other hens they are all scared of her an i have ten others to think about i have tried splittin her up but that makes her worse an have tried over feedin her she is verry greedy she is verry friendly to us mere humans she will eat out of my hand and loves to be petted i am sad to say if anyone who can give her a home i will gladly accept it i can deliver her myself within a 100 mile radious of liverpool and i will pay for her feed for her life time i do not expect anything in return except a good home that i can check on and call in once in a while to see how she is doin .if anyone is prepared to take her on please let me know but bluebell needs to be with hens bigger than her she stands about 16 " high and is about 12" wide at a rough guess thanks donna:


  • jesjes Junior Member
    edited April 2010
    hi what breed is she?x
  • Farmer.abiFarmer.abi Junior Member
    edited April 2010
    heya, one of my hens is the same we got her a couple of weeks ago along with two other hens and she is the same maybe not so bad but is surley boisterous and shows no mercy when it comes to treat time but what i do is just lay seperate piles of corn here but she is a bit cranky, she is a rhode rock and llays big brown eggs too :)
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