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Author of Veterinary Articles

edited December 2010 in Employment/Jobs
Hi there,

I am looking for a veterinary surgeon with a good command of the English Language to write a short series of articles around 300 words or so long with 2 or 3 accompanying photos or diagrams on the following subjects:

Collecting samples and interpretting the different lab tests.
DIY postmortem technique.
Gastro-intestinal diseases (including coccidiosis)
Mycopasmosis (including Mg/Ms)

These must be written in an easy to understand way for non technical people but must be scientifically correct.

I would require one article every other month.

If you would be interested in this, please PM me.

Many thanks.



  • drpaulshridhardrpaulshridhar Junior Member
    edited May 2010
    Dear Sir
    I wish to introduce myself as a senior veterinarian engaged in freelance consultancy in animal production with an emphasis on poultry production and nutrition. I have published articles in various poultry journals including Poultry International, in the four decades of my career.

    I was attracted by your interest to have articles written on poultry, more for non-technical readers. I will be interested to offer my services online and would be interested to know what level of compensation will be offered for my efforts.
    On knowing your reaction we can start to generate articles of interest.
    Thank you


    Dr Paul M Shridhar
  • Dr.Mohamed SaifDr.Mohamed Saif Junior Member
    edited December 2010
    I would like to write in Collecting samples and interpretting the different lab tests.

    Dr. Mohamed Saif
    Animal Health Research Institute, Egypt
    Virologist & Immunologist

    e-mail: mohamed_saif85@hotmail.com
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