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how can i get a capital?

omerawadomerawad Junior Member
edited March 2010 in Producers and Vets
i am OmerAwad,veterinarian from sudan,i want to make a project of 20,000 layer chickens,and i find a difficult to have a fund.
how can i get a capital......


  • katannekatanne Junior Member
    edited March 2010
    you can ask a bank in your place.. they normally offer loans for a business, goodluck!=)
  • Business loans nowadays finding difficulty to be availed from banks and NBFCs. Credit score issues and poor business credit history and many other factors restricting the sanctioning of these unsecured business loans. However, Private Lenders give flexible options in terms of repayment duration, processing time etc. But the interest rate in Private Lenders is little higher than with the banks and NBFCs. Hoping to avail the best business loans!
  • Dear OP and readers - as @augustsalbert wrote, drafting a proposal, project report or business plan for a proposed agri-venture is critical to successfully accruing investment/loan.

    It's a big hurdle and often expense if you hire accountants/consultants and even then results can vary. 

    That's why we have developed a project report that is highly metrics focused which you can fill in online. Take a look at some sample and other resources that might help: 

    Hoping that this is useful.

  • If starting a business was a hard-won game, running it is smoothly is a much arduous task. Businesses require generous investments to be made at various stages in order to meet all the expenses in regard to the everyday functioning, expansion, adding a new product or service to the existing line, etc. For loans Apply with Finfree Enterprises & avail the quick small business loans from top business loan providers at low-interest rates & grow your venture.

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