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Empty Farm - Poultry ?

barn606barn606 Junior Member
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My Grandfather has Recently decided to give up farming and the farm is now almost empty (Blank Slate). (83 acres)
I have been Looking into Freerange Egg Production, however the capital requirements are very high £400+ (12000 birds) (need 12000 birds to be Viable to replace my current job and pay other family members the return they would expect etc).
Alterantivly I would like something I could Fund on My Own Ie around £150 to 200k (borrowed against land) that would provided me a income. Possibly Broiler Production (Free range ? carnt seem to find any direct wholesale customers that could collect / be delevered the live chickens (dont fancy completing the killing and proccessing on my own).
I know you need large economys of scale for indoor whole bird chickens and with larger organisations laying off at the moment with such low returns 10p a bird etc doesnt seem the way to go.
Basicly looking for something to provide me around £20k a year (can be labour + Profit) Needs to be a small animal as our family either to old or too ill to deal with large animals (cattle) anymore.
we all ready have 500 pigs but with the new rules and low return this is now unviable and will be finishing within 12 months.
Anyone and Suggestions of Ideas or People to speak to, or is all of farming becoming unviable without sell direct to public (which we carnt do by the way) or being one of the big boys and have 40,000 birds. Dont mind doing the RSPCA Schemes etc.
Cheshire Based, uk
Any Suggestions Welcome


  • petetheeggpetetheegg Junior Member
    edited March 2010
    hi there i know free range capital costs are high but the margins to be made reflect this. not many people put up new broiler houses due to lack of investment in the sector and poor margins. therefore realistically free range is your best option, best to speak to a local feed mill if your intrested. HST or Lloyds animal feeds are your closest. Think you need 1.25 acres per 1000 hens and think you will find most egg packers / feed suppliers will deal with flock sizes of 3k plus

    Hope this helps

  • premier688000premier688000 Junior Member
    edited May 2011
    Where abouts are you?


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