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Uni project need hen egg sizes info

fergie_cannonfergie_cannon Junior Member
edited February 2010 in Producers and Vets
Hi folks, im doing a product prototyping project for uni and we've been told to make an egg cup but that it must have novel features. Ive got a few nifty ideas for the designs but what i'd really like to know is whether or not theres an EU directive or whatever on standard sizing for eggs (aparently they had one for shapes and sizes of bananas). Does anyone have any idea where i could find such a document or even what sort of range hens egg sizes usually fit in? That said I've just thought about taking a pair of callipers down my local supermarket and seeing how many funny looks i get! Cheerio anyways.


  • Six HensSix Hens Junior Member
    edited February 2010
    Hi Fergie Cannon,

    The answer to your question is that there are official sizings for eggs, though it's by weight and not dimensions.

    Chickens can lay anything from short fat eggs to long thin eggs and they could weigh the same, therefore be classified under the same size category.

    The classifications have changed from the old classifications of 7 sizes to just 4:

    New Size Weight Old Size

    Very Large 73g +over Size 0
    Size 1

    Large 63 - 73g Size 1
    Size 2
    Size 3

    Medium 53 - 63g Size 3
    Size 4
    Size 5

    Small 53g +under Size 5
    Size 6
    Size 7

    I hope this helps you with your project.

    Six Hens
  • scoobyscooby Senior Member
    edited February 2010

    if your egg cup must have novel features, how about an adjustable one size fits all egg cup? I have bantams and an average egg for me is 45gms but when my pullets start to lay for the first time they are even smaller at around 35gms. As a result they are both too small for a conventional egg cup which is suited for the medium or large sizes reffered to above.

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