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poultry company general manager

Abdullah MohsinAbdullah Mohsin Junior Member
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required general manager for poultry company good experanice in production , slaughterhouse , marketing , management
location sudan


  • francisdanyfrancisdany Junior Member
    edited February 2010
    Dear Sir,

    Over the nine years I’ve spent at Shuman Farms in Lebanon, two years in Supreme Food Company in Saudi Arabia , one year in Kuwait and recently one year in Tripoli Libya besides my experience and training sessions, seminars, visiting International poultry exhibitions, I acquired a solid base in poultry production and marketing.

    My daily involvement in all production steps, beginning from Breeders and Layers (rearing, vaccination and medication, egg production control), hatchery management (egg quality, fertility, chicks planning program and hatchability control) Broiler production passing by the feed mill (purchasing of raw material, feed program, diet formulation, manufacturing) and finally to slaughter house, and further processing plant, made me qualified in the poultry field. Besides my daily interaction with contract farmers and the life sales market gave me good relationship with all poultry producers in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Libya.

    I believe that I am qualified, and I am confident I can contribute substantially to your company.


    Please find my CV below.


    DATE OF BIRTH : 8th of July 1970
    PLACE OF BIRTH : Beirut
    TELEPHONE : 00974-6823831
    EMAIL : francisdany@hotmail.com

    Position Senior Management

    Profile Senior operating and management executive with sixteen years background in high growth domestic and international, general, Production and sales management.
    Utilization of strong implementation skills to create or transform corporate vision and strategy into profitable reality.
    Talent for making rapid assessments of diverse situational challenges and the developing and leading of the resulting action plans.

    Areas of Expertise

    Contract review and negotiation
    Business strategy development
    Strategic and operational planning
    Quality improvement
    Reengineering production operations
    Productivity improvement
    Budgeting / planning / forecasting
    Margin improvement

    Executive Overview

    Quantifiable track record of general management, revenue
    Enhancement and expense reduction.
    Drive organization to greater productivity, efficiency and profitability.
    Reduce costs while increasing average sales.

    Maintain revenue and employee retention during shutdown and
    Transition periods. Provide constant communication and personal
    Availability to keep employees informed and focused.
  • Ahmed AbdElkhalekAhmed AbdElkhalek Junior Member
    edited February 2010
    C. v.

    Name Ahmed Abdelkhalek Mohamed
    Nationality Egyptian
    Birth date 17-6-1970
    Religion Moslem
    Education Agriculture Buckler on poultry production 1990 + Master
    Degree of Science 1999 on factors affecting production
    Efficiency on poultry + Qualified for P.H. Degree 2003.

    Studded courses H.C.C.P. + I. S.O. + Time management + Training
    Planes + Strategic managements + Planning + Leader ship.

    Experience Total 20 years at poultry production .
    - 13 years on Egyptian poultry company as a manager for
    Broiler farms 2 years + manager for feed mail 2 years + manager for breeder farms 9 years.
    - 7 years up to date working as a manager for layer breeder
    Farms at large Poultry company in Saudi Arabia.

    Email adolefy@yahoo.com
  • DineshDinesh Junior Member
    edited February 2010
    required general manager for poultry company good experanice in production , slaughterhouse , marketing , management
    location sudan

    Dear Abdullah mohsin,

    Please call me on :+966 543 237 238 to discuss more in detial.

  • ashok sharmaashok sharma Junior Member
    edited February 2010
    Dear Sir,
    Please call me on :+91-9589670108 to discuss more in detial.
  • joemagadijoemagadi Junior Member
    edited March 2010
    Dear Sir,

    Please find attached my CV for your for your consideration for the position of the General Manager.

    Kind regards,

    Joe Magadi
    Associate of the Institute for Independent Business International
    6 Hunt Close
    NN8 4HG
    Tel: +441933673101
    Mob: +447760213286
    Skype: joe.magadi
  • ikerbalikerbal Junior Member
    edited March 2010
    required general manager for poultry company good experanice in production , slaughterhouse , marketing , management
    location sudan

    Dear Sir,

    Being very interested by your offre, I' have the honor of you requires to study the possibility of recruiting me within your company as a general managerfor this poultry company.

    My practical experiment through my current job, has enabled to me to develop of advantage my capacity of integration and adaptation to the work conditions.

    Indeed, I have as an ambition, as a future speaker in the socio-economic scene, to contribute to the sustainable development of your company. It is in this vision of spirit that I emitted the wish to join your company in order to put at the service as well my competences, my dynamism and my motivation.

    In waiting of a favorable answer, I request from you, Mister the Director, to believe in my entirety devotion.

    This is my E-mail: kerbal.ismail@yahoo.fr
  • docteuraymen@gmail.comdocteuraymen@gmail.com Junior Member
    edited March 2010
    Im from tunisia.Veterinarian since july 2005 by
    university of tunisia with 4 years work experience in poultry.I'm
    looking for an opportunity to improve my knowledges.
  • patilbhaskar54patilbhaskar54 Junior Member
    edited April 2010

    “Ashirwad”,Near Sch No:19, Shreenagar Agro Farm Pvt Ltd,
    Rukhmini Nagar, 8,Paschim Mannaiya,Pharsatikar,
    Amravati, 444606. Rupendehi.
    State:-Maharashtra. Country:-Nepal.

    Email: - b_dpatil09@rediff.com Phone No: - +977 98044 12027
    A 32 years of experience in Raring Of Commercial Broilers and layers,
    Raring of layers , Broiler parents and Grant parents Hatchery and Feed
    Manufacturing unit and other Poultry operations .

    Intend to build a career with leading corporate of hi-tech environment
    with committed and dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully,
    realize my potential and at the same time to grow along the company.
    Personal Skills:
    Comprehensive problem solving abilities, excellent verbal and written
    communication skills, Ability to deal with people diplomatically, willingness to
    learn, Team facilitator.
    Educational Information: Objective Personal Skills Merits :-

    1. Master Of Science (M.Sc) with specialization in Animal husbandry &

    2. Bachelor Of Degree Of Agriculture (B.Sc).

    Degree Institution Class
    Master Of Science (M.Sc) Punjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth,
    First Class
    First with
    Distinction in
    all subjects
    Bachelor Of Science (B.Sc)
    Nagpur Agricultural College.
    First Division

    Merits :
    1. Recipient of Junior fellowship which is awarded by “Indian council of
    Agriculture Research, New Delhi” being successful in competitive examination
    held throughout India for Post Graduation Study.
    2. Recipient of a Gold medal for being first class first with distinction in all
    subjects by Punjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth,Akola(M.S) India.

    Training :
    1. YESEONG Agriculture Co Ltd,197-2-2 KA SONG LEON DONG-JEONBUK
    SOUTH KOREA. Technical training in “Modern Mushroom

    1. Supe’s Poultry Farm, Shemba, District-Buldhana (M.S),India.
    • Designation: Farm Manager
    • Duration: 1976-1978.
    • Responsibilities:
    a) Involved in management of 10,000 layers & 5000 broilers per
    week and agriculture farm.
    b) Management like Feed Preparation, Vaccination, Medication,
    Disease Investigation, Marketing and Labor Handling.
    2. Venketeshwara Hatcheries Ltd,Pune (M.S) India.
    • Designation: Farm Manager
    • Duration: 1978-1981
    • Responsibilities:
    a) Handled Babcock 380, grand parent and parents, COBB-100,
    Grand parent and parents, worked in vaccine division,
    hatcheries and feed manufacturing unit.
    b) Rearing of 20,000 layer grand parents, 20,000 broiler grand
    parents, 20,000 layer parents and 50,000 broiler parents stock.
    c) Vaccination, Disease Investigation, Medication.
    d) Future production projection schedule preparation.
    e) Preparation of project reports for small marginal and large
    scale poultry farms.
    f) Administration and handling of staff.
    g) Providing technical training to the staff of other sister concern
    units of the same group.
    h) During this period I worked in poultry vaccine production
    division of the same group of hatcheries named Shrini and
    Ventri Bio-Tech Logical Pvt Ltd, Pune (Maharashtra) INDIA
    for six months.
    3. Nefraday Nigeria Ltd,Kwara State,Illorin,Nigeria.
    • Designation: General Manager
    • Duration: 1981-1984
    • Responsibilities:
    a) Handled 1, 00,000 commercial layers, broilers and layer parents
    and hatchery feed unit, fishery, mushroom growing and
    agricultural farm.
    4. KUKUCHKU Poultry Farm,Jalgaon (M.S) India.
    • Owner of Commercial Broiler Farm, From 1984-1990.
    5. Anusaya Poultry Farm,Malkapur (M.S) India
    • Designation: Director (technical services)
    • Duration: 1991-2003
    • Responsibilities:
    a) Rearing of 10.5000 broiler.
    b) Vaccination, Disease Investigation, Medication and feed
    manufacturing unit .
    c) Administration and handling of staff.
    6.1 Shreenagar poultry Breeding & Hatcheries,Butwal,
    6.2 Jems Agro Poultry Farm,Kathmandu,Nepal.
    • Designation: General Manager.
    • Duration: 2004-Till Date .
    • Responsibilities:
    a) All Management like feed preparation, Disease investigation,
    b) Rearing of Broiler and Hexes brown layer parents.
    c) Hatchery unit.
    d) Administration and handling of staff.
    e) Providing technical training to the staff and farmers.

    Personal Profile:
    Name : Mr.Bhaskar Dnyandeo Patil.
    D.O.B. : 25 April 1954.
    Sex : Male.
    Marital Status : Married.
    Nationality : Indian
    Languages Known : English, Hindi ,Marathi & Nepali.
  • jimbod19jimbod19 Junior Member
    edited May 2010
    My name is Talabi Olufolajimi Sunday, a Nigerian with a degree in Animal Science from a reputable university here in my country.
    I am an experienced agriculturist(Bachelor of Agriculture Holder) with 5-10 years experince and technically sound in fishery(re-circulatory aquatic system), poultry management with good managerial skills on full time basis

    I can be involved in all activities related to agriculture start-up and managing the farm. These include setting up of farm, landscape execution, resource utilization, product planning and control.

    Thanks in anticipation for your reply.
    My contact is: jimbod19@yahoo.co.uk
  • patilbhaskar54patilbhaskar54 Junior Member
    edited June 2010

    I am hereby applying for the job profile mentioned.

    I have 32 years of experience in Poultry.
    Kindly consider my resume.

    Thanking You.
  • DR.Ghanim AbdulrahmanDR.Ghanim Abdulrahman Junior Member
    edited July 2010

    My name is Dr.Ghanim.A.Hassan and I am pleased to apply for your post,I have 16 years field experience in poultry ( Broilers ,Layers,Parent stock and Grand parents ) ,
    while I was in Omeri and Barakah poultry company in yemen I oversaw their hatchery in Al Barh then I managed 3 broiler farms Arbor Acres each three hundred thousand birds ,I also managed Jider Parent stock farm of 45000 broiler ps Hubbard and Isa.
    In Tanzania I managed Grand parent ,parents ( Hybro ,Hubbard ,Hisexand Bovans ) poultry operations in Tanzania Poultry company as well as the hatchery.I was also responsible for feed formulation
    can overseehatchery operations, egg grading ,setting,candling egg transfer and hatch
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