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Hen Breed I.D. and blog

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I really would like to know what kind of chicken my hen is. She was hatched back in may. I got her from my local feed store. I bought black australorps, Buff orpingtons , and RIR's. They all trajically got killed by a raccoons (we think) Except her. Any pictures I had were too big to post but I have one on my blog at samschickhatch.blogspot.com It's a great blog feel free to follow it if you want. I just really would like to know what she is I thought she was a RIR but she doesn't really look like one Maybe she got mixed up?? Please help thx!


  • WindymillerWindymiller Member
    edited February 2010
    If that's her on your shoulder at http://samschickhatch.blogspot.com/ she's a bit pale for a rhode and a bit dark for a buff orpington. She's not an australorp - they're black.

    Is her tail black (rhode) or buff (orpington)?

    Have a look at her feet/legs. If they're yellow and her tail black then she's just a pale rhode (New Hampshire colour). If they are whitish pink and her tail black then she's probably a first rhode/orpington cross.

    She looks like a common-or-garden laying hybrid (white tail) from this angle :(
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    yes that is her. She's got yellow feet and no black tail. She has kind of whitish speckles laced in but they're pretty faint. her tail is the same color as the rest of her.
  • CelticMoonCelticMoon Member
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    Sounds like Red Star to me. It's a cross between a red rooster and a white hen.
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