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Why is my hatch rate so very bad?

chicken chickchicken chick Senior Member
edited November 2009 in Producers and Vets
Ok so I got 0 out of 6, 2 out of 6 and 0 out of 12! What is going ??
I buy eggs off e bay.
Get them delivered. Rest for 24 hours small end down, fully auto Incubator, 37.5 temp 45% humidity, last 3 days stop turning, drop temp to 37 and raise hum to 65%.
When cracking open eggs to see whats what it looks like they only just start to develop and most have no signs of life or just a few have a tiny black blob!
Im throwing away good money with totally rubbish results!
Please help! What is going wrong?
I have used 3 different suppliers now. :mad:


  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    edited November 2009
    Hi, If your incubator is reliable the problem may be with the postal system. At times they are delayed, tossed about etc, and it is worth paying for Special Delivery to ensure swift arrival. I have had fertility rates varying between 0 out of 6 and 5 out of 6 when candled at approximately a week.
    Late in the year the fertility rate is also lower and it may be worthwhile waiting until next Spring to try again. But DO try again, you will eventually get the hatchlings (Then, probably like me find you have 3 hens to 8 cockerels!):D
  • chicken chickchicken chick Senior Member
    edited November 2009

    Thanks for your reply! I was thinking it maybe the postal system and time of year so I think I will try again. You think the same so it's probably right.

    My Incubator is spot on all the time so I know its not that. Ah well ! Bloomin' Royal Mail GGGGRRRRR:mad:

    Thanks again
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