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selling bantams

catcat Senior Member
edited November 2009 in Producers and Vets
I currently have 11 chickens some of which are bantams. I am going to get an incubator soon and so in the new year i want to sell some of the chicks that i hatch by putting an advertisement sign outside my house. I was just wondering if i need any kind of license for this small scale kind of breeding and selling and if so, how i obtain this. any replies much appreciated :)


  • BaltiAngelBaltiAngel Senior Member
    edited October 2009
    I can't help you Cat, but I was wondering where you are eg UK or USA etc as there will be different rules applying in different countries.. I have sold chicks locally (UK) but not on a grand scale so if its small no worries I see signs up all over for free-range eggs chicks ducks etc.
  • catcat Senior Member
    edited November 2009
    Im in england, thanks for your reply. It hopefully shouldnt be a problem i think im just going to go for it and im sure if there is a problem, someone will come and let me know! I cant wait to start hatching and selling! Im going to university next year so the profits will go to my book fund! thanks again xxxx
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