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Can anybody help me with the rait vaccination regime for day old broiler to 8 week

omotundewaleomotundewale Junior Member
edited October 2009 in Producers and Vets
In my quest for a disease free broiler production as a starter, after going through a few books I came up with this vaccination regimen for my broiler production, but before I go on with this vaccination regimen, I have reasoned to submit this to seasoned professional/experts for scrutiny /examination whether this is feasible or not, so as not to incur losses. I would like that this association please in their capacity with what they think it should be provide me with what they think is best suited for (Lagos) Southwest Nigeria. I will be very grateful if my request is granted.
Yours sincerely,
Omotunde Olawale.

Vaccination programme for broilers.
1st day-Vitamin complex (anti stress)
2nd day-NDV intraocular
5th day-Mareks disease vaccination
8th day-1st Gumboro
14th day-Coccidiostat
3rd week-NDV Lasota
4th week-Fowl pox
5th week-2nd Gumboro
8th week-Fowl Thyphoid

pls reply.
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