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POULtry SOLutions

poulsolpoulsol Junior Member
edited September 2009 in Employment/Jobs
This message is for those poultry companies who are serious about their business and bottom line. Most of the companies, by nature of their live & intensive farming conditions, are prone to come across built up of some problem or the other, which will just wipe of their profits for a long period before it is being identified and solved. In all such cases, it is observed that always the promoters or the senior management will just hear & believe their people who manage the farm and also they are misled by the misbelieve or wrong approach / diagnosis of the real problem. Ultimately the looser is the promoter / company. And also nobody shows interest to take second opinion due to factors like pride, confidentiality and non-availability of alternative. Hence it is an opportunity for all those who are in the same situation explained above. Secondly you may even think of improving your performance than before, if you do not have a problem at the moment. For ex.:Yours is a
=50000 breeder farm, producing 5 DOC / hen less than standard, the annual loss is US$100000
=500000 broiler farm, depleting 3% more than standard, the annual loss is US$540000
=500000 layer farm, producing 10 eggs / hen less than std., the annual loss is US$500000
So in any of the above two situations, You can just contact via the e-mail given below and solve your problem what ever it is, where ever you are. For all other details contact: POULSOL@GMAIL.COM
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