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  • Thanks for that article, and the info about meds. It is true that hybrid hens get more egg issues.  Post mortems on my ex battery/ex commercial hens have shown a 68% cancer rate too.  Others have issues such as internal laying or infected oviducts, …
  • Thanks for your reply!  I've tried different strengths of praziquantel too - mainly horse wormers and pea-sized amounts.  I used to hollow out a grape and put it in there before popping it in their throats - maybe that could work for you too! The on…
  • It sounds like you've been very thorough with the worm checking - well done you!  I wish praziquantrel would work on my flock - the tapeworms just don't seem to shift no matter what strength I use.  What type of praziquantrel did you use? I assume …
  • The best way to tell if you have red mite is to physically look for them in the hut.  Usually chickens will become very pale/anemic, especially noticeable in their comb & wattles. Here is a helpful link:…
  • Time for you to get some exbats Kath?!
  • I was way off the mark - thinking it was one on it's own! :))
  • Hi Mimi, Weighing her is a really good gauge, and as a very rough guide, 1ml = 1g.  I would wait until she has gained at least 250g, or starting to lose interest in eating, whichever is soonest.  Keep in touch and I will keep an eye on this post now…
  • You know how it is with ex bats - always something lurking!   Oddly enough though, we've recently drained a Light Sussex (either cancer or ascites I'd guess).  First time I've known a pure breed fill up with fluid, but then I've not had that many of…
  • I do remember you getting those Bluebells Kath.  They landed on their feet when you took them on!  Sorry you've lost Zena now. Do you still have Mr Kipling?
  • Hi Bonnie, glad she was peaceful.I know what you mean about house hens - we occasionally have a hen in for the night and they think they can just waltz in any time they like!  They inspect the whole place, poop, then go out again!
  • It could be Mareks disease, although I believe that doesn't usually show in birds this young?  However, given the accelerated growth rate for broiler hens it wouldn't surprise me. Has this chick been kept on it's own, or has it had other birds to sn…
  • Hi Bonnie!  You've probably sorted something out by now, but here is a pic of the old harness.  It's very basic - just a fleece with a hole cut in for her leg.  Yours would be much more stable with two holes I expect!  Let us know what you come up w…
  • Better late than never - I always seem to turn up after you've all gone away again!  Hope you will stick around to compare notes.
  • Just catching up and so glad you've FINALLY gotten around to getting some more rescue hens. Update please!
  • Hi Kath!  Better late than never here I am to wish you all a Happy New Year!   
  • Tapeworms from birds cannot be transferred to humans for two reasons: 1) Tapeworms are host specific. (We are more at risk from pig tapeworms, eg from under cooked pork).2) The tapeworm segments (or 'cysts') from your hens contain tapeworm eggs.  Th…
  • How did you get on with your flock?
  • That's the one Kath!  Couldn't think if the word orthopedics! I don't think it's wry neck, as it's hanging under, rather than stargazing.  Do species other than poultry get it? As it happens I've got 3 new exbats, on week 3.  Had a bit of a scare wi…
  • Could it be bird flu by any chance?
  • I think the hammock will work even better with two legs!  It was always used under supervision for Cleo, but she seemed to appreciate it.  She was a lovely docile hen. Good luck with SallySioux Kath.
  • I believe he/she is what is known these days as 'gender neutral'  ;) Other than that I can be of no assistance whatsoever  :-/
  • I had to trail through the old pics to find this one.  Looks like we just tied a fleece to a pole (with a hole cut in in for her leg).  Hope it helps!
  • This reminds me very much of our Cleo, although hers was a very different case. It's horrible when you see wounds like that.  Have you considered slapping honey on it and covering with a bandage?  Top it off with vetwrap, which is brilliant for hen'…
  • Sorry to hear this Kath.  It does seem very strange.  Are you sure it's not a break?  As Sandie said, an Xray would be the only way to tell.
  • Funny this thread should pop up again.  I've recently lost 'Ivy', who was an amazing candidate for draining.  She went through five drains taking it all in her stride, then started to go downhill.  Her post mortem showed that she was totally riddled…
  • Never a dull moment there eh Kath?
  • Betsy had an amazing life, with a fantastic owner Kath. You gave her your all. Bonnie - I know just what you mean; Spring time in general can be bad news, especially for ex commercial hens.  
  • Hi Sandie - Tango used to moult in the coldest weeks - don't know how she managed it, but  I think that's why she appreciated a cuddle so much!My Light Sussex finished moulting before Christmas and are laying.Ex bats these days don't ever seem to go…
  • You've got a fantastic memory Kath!  Tango was a Hamburgh - we took her in at pol when her owner had tired of the novelty of rearing chicks :(  I still miss those snuggles - especially at this time of year when she was usually moulting and would sit…
  • How old is your Wyandotte Kath?

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