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Can ducks and chickens live together?

QsBrushQsBrush Junior Member
I recently hatched two duck eggs which were given to me from a friend. I have a large chicken coop and was wondering if they can all live together. I have read not to keep them together as well as keeping them together is fine. I also have a pond that they could live on but I am just worried about predators during the day. The pond is in an open area on the edge of woods that is much farther from the house. Any advice would be great, I am used to chickens!
Thank you.


  • sheffieldkiwissheffieldkiwis Junior Member
    edited May 2008
    I have 4 ducks & they live with the chickens & sleep in the chicken coop at night they get on great, hope yours do too.
  • SELENA18SELENA18 Senior Member
    edited May 2008
    Ducks tend to be very messy if given free range to water within a chicken enclosure, so that is why some people say not to mix the two, as it can make the chickens sick.
    Every drop of water that goes into the ducks mouth comes out of the other end. :D Add that to the ducks swimming in a pool and everything becomes wet & mucky.

    But, if you only provide your ducks with the necessary requirement of water, (which is a dish deep enough that they can wash there nostrils out in) then the wet mess will be kept to a minimum and you can mix the chickens & ducks very happily together.

    Unless you can protect the ducks from predators, I would not allow them access to the pond. Unless perhaps you can supervise them, say once a week, for a swim. I'm sure they would love you for that. :D They looove to swim but it is not absolutely necessary for a happy life.

    Mine mix very happily.

    Good Luck and enjoy your new babies.

  • sharon mcsharon mc Senior Member
    edited May 2008
    One of my friends successfully hatched ducklings under a foster-hen, which is a nice indication of their cohabitation ability.
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