Coccidiosis? Can lice make them very ill?

Hi, I'm new to this forum and am hoping someone can help. Growing up my hens were always healthy, so a sick chicken is relatively strange for me. I got two new chickens and should have quarantined them, but again growing up that wasn't something we did, so I had no idea. One of the new ones became quite sick, she was gasping for air, seemed to have an infection in one eye, a total mess. I took her to the vet and with oxygen, a steroid shot, and antibiotics she is now doing great. Unfortunately I noticed yesterday that one of my original girls, my Easter Egger, Tiger, started drooping her tail feather and fluffing herself up as I've learned they do when sick. No sneezing, no drainage. I did note that my two new chicks that I brought in also have awful cases of chicken lice. I've tried DE dusting but it hasn't worked, so the vet is coming Thursday to treat them...could that make her this sick? She doesn't really want to eat or drink. I've given her some water via syringe but she is lethargic, and too calm and patient with me to be well. I'm so worried for her...


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
     lice will weaken them but not make them this sick so quickly
     most likely mycoplasma or coryza brought in by the 2 newbies and stress
    can you get your vet to put up a prescription for tylan  antibiotics for her rather than wait for tomorrows visit? or do you have any left over from the newbies antibiotics- get her on them straight away.
     i  got caught out with exactly the same situation after keeping my newbies separate for 10 days . i lost one of my oldies because of it
     in the meantime add sugar or honey to her water . try to tempt her with any food she will take even if it means searching for bugs in the garden
    if she starts showing respiratory symptoms put her somewhere steamy or put a bowl of boiling water near her pen and pop a garlic clove in it
    dont use de while theres a respiratory infection there- dust will make them worse.
     you need to treat all your chooks as its obviously spreading
    good luck
     keep us updated
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Kath is right to be concerned about mycoplasma, since one of the classic symptoms is bubbly/messy eyes.

    Lice will bring them down too, but as Kath says, not quite so quickly as this. 

    You have obviously learnt from this experience that quarantine is a good idea, to protect the existing ones from things like this, and the new ones from bullying.  Hope things work out for you mayabeth.
  • I don't have own experiences, but maybe this Coccidiosis in Chickens - Prevention, Symptoms and Treatment Tips ( willl help:
  • You may not be able to detect the exact problem from the following symptoms because most symptoms lookalike to a fellow disease. However, to properly diagnose a fowl, you would need to specify to us the colour of the fowl stool, in that way i would tell you the exact herbal treatment to administer for a proper recovery.
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