need help aggressive female

I have a female Rouen duck she is very aggressive runs her beak of my arm and I don't know why she quack sent me all the time that I get close to her somebody please help me


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    sorry to hear youre having problems
     it sounds like shes being very protective of her eggs or nest in which case its a good trait as she would defend her eggs/ young from predators but a bit upsetting for you.
    when my cockerel shows signs of aggression towards me i pick him up and carry him around for a few minutes ... the embarassment stops him attacking again . you could try this with your duck or get her tame enough to eat from your hand by feeding her treats - start dropping them at first then drop them nearer and nearer to your feet , when shes comfortable doing that she should take from your hand and start trusting you more.
    good luck
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