My mom accidentally kick my baby duck as it was under her feet and she didnt see it. I rushed over and got him its been 8 hours now I've held him in my arms with his head popped up and he's eating his neck it behind him he can't walk but only on his right side i finally let him sleep as i tried keeping him awake cause like a baby if an injury happens as a human that's what you do... I called the vet they said they didn't know what to do but if i bring him in they would look it up for 85 dollars. Ugh no thanks i have mama instinct s but need help but as them i can look it up to they'll end up bringing my baby to the back n say its dead when they come back any suggestions please .i know he's just a duck but he's like my own child


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    if anything is broken then youd need a vet to strap him up properly
     if hes just bruised then plenty of rest and a high protein diet supplemented with vitamins would help - either buy drops for fowl or human baby drops
     sometimes shock can make them go off their feet but thats short lived
    heres a link to some brilliant info -
    hope hes soon better
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