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Hi I have three geese large ones I love them very much they are six years old and happy and healthy ! Unfortunately I am unable to look after them I have difficulty getting around due to health problems I also had ten chickens I have managed to find homes for them I am concerned that I am unable to find a good home for the geese. I have to leave my home and relocate back to the isle of Man and shall be living in an apartment. I am desparate to find a good home for my geese I do not wanr them to be separated from each other nor do I want them to be on the dinner table ! I care very much about them they where hatched at home in an incubator and are a delight to be with. I wonder if anyone has advice on how I resolve my problem?. 


  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems.  Hopefully your move back to the Isle of Man will improve things.

    It is good that you managed to find homes for the chickens.

    With regards to the 3 geese please can you let us know whereabouts you are in the UK and someone on here may be able to take them in for you.

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