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I want to come back if you'll let me...!

Tried to look at the forum a few times but couldn't get through  the spam! Texted a few of you when Yorkie died in June (on her rescue anniversary!) - 5 years post rescue - not quite Nelly Dean either you've got new mobile numbers or you've dumped me (Helen and Kath!)

Sorry been awol but my Mum died in September...has been an horrendous year...2018 will be better....Galinda and Elfaba still going strong

Can't get any more batts at the mo as Galinda too much of a bully! 

Will catch up with you soon tonight


  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Cripes, the Ghost of Christmases ARE you?

    Very few of us frequent the site these days, so your re-appearance is VERY welcome.

    2017 was straight from Hell for me....too painful to expand.

    Chicken-wise....well I've hatched newbies....Gold Partridge Brahmas and intend to go back to ridiculous numbers after lambing.

    So glad to hear from you again.....don't leave it so long this time!

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    Would never dump you - new phone
    so sorry to hear about your mum passing
    chicken -wise ive lost Lilly beth recently but gained a cockerel (black silkie) named Mr Kipling and also had a sex change - not me personally but one of the little splash silkies .I dont know what Georgie would have made of it !
    Really lovely to hear from you again
    x kath
  • doormouse Senior Member
    Hiya - yeah am fine now...just glad to get 2017 behind me - it was horrendous - lost a job I loved as a Research Assistant (zero hours...) I still meet my old scientist manager for coffee regularly but the £ ran out. Losing Mum at the same time was hard to say the least but Galinda and Elphaba have kept me as sane as I'm ever going to be!

    I'm hanging out for a fab job I''ve been shortlisted for at Royal Veterinary College...keep all crossed!

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi, i hope 2018 will be a better year for you .
     keeping everything crossed that you get that job at the college......... you can teach them a thing or two about chickens :)
    xx kath

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