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Proposal Calling for sponsorship of our poultry project in uganda +27633611711

Proposalfora Poultry Farm and Egg Production (KiwendoGodfrey,UgandaLooking for sponsor  to up lift our project
My name isKiwendo Godfrey, 27. I hail from Wobulenzi in Luwero  district in Central Ugandaon Bombo Gulu high wayRD
I attended theMakerere University,Kampalabetween 2010 and 2014, where I obtained aBachelor ofRecords and Archives Management(Honours). I am currentlywith my sister in southAfrica  doing a post certificate in information systems at UNISA in pretoria which am finalizingthis year.
What I want to do
My business is poultry farming—this is the commercial rearing of chickens and other birds fortheir meat and production of eggs. The poultry industry has become one of the most efficientproducers of protein for human consumption, in response to public concern over dietary fat;poultry has become the popular substitute for beef and other types of meat.
My project is basically egg production and chicken rearing. Eggs are always in demand roundthe year. Egg is obtained from birds and hence bird production is a profitable activity. Thisactivity has the potential to provide regular income and employment opportunity

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