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I have a Silkie hen that's 2-3yrs old, she was rescued so don't know any back ground. I've had her for nearly 8mths and she settled with the flock fine. Recently l noticed her clawing at her mouth and shaking her head so l investigated and l have found what looks and sounds like Canker which lve never come across before. After reading lots of articles and information I've removed her from the flock and started a course of flagyl 0.10ml Adam. Also helping with water and whatever l can get her to eat, which is the problem. I am syringing what l can but she's just shaking her head and it comes back out so am now worried that she isn't getting what food she needs. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated......


  • Try to keep steady the head and poor on the left side deep into the throat carefully the medication. Iodine topic application on canker and cider vinegar in the water for all the rest of the birds regularkly.
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