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A chick

Moel, my Blue Partridge Brahma hatched just one chick from the 13 eggs (some infertile, some neglected, some 'quitters' at the last hurdle). 
Being an 'unplanned pregnancy' the chick is a true 'mongrel'.....yellow with faint lines on the back, feathered legs, naked neck with bow tie and yellow top knot.....but Moel thinks it's a champion.
Aged 7 Moel has never managed to successfully hatch a chick,so she is very proud.
Must be a cockerel.



  • undautriundautri Senior Member
     were defo short of hatching news on this forum lately so cant wait to see a pic
     HE sounds very handsome
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    SHE's called Frankie...Frances, or Francis, or Frankenstein....

    Just noticed Mrs Grey (who has laid 7 eggs per week for the last 3 weeks) is still under the jasmine bush after 6 hours. Now I have NOT noticed that, but I have slipped her another egg. Problem is I am going to be away from Saturday morning visiting my ancient if she is still there when I get back I cannot allow the potential chicks to be killed. I will not notice that she is 'absent' until the end of next week, when I can tell OH he cannot 'murder' chicks....I'll slip her a few more eggs tomorrow if she is still sitting.

    Pic of Frankie tomorrow.


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Oh you schemer you ;)

    Congratulations to Moel - proving that it's never too late.  Can't wait to see pics too!
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Frankie 1
    Frankie 2

    Here is little Frankie. You can also see the rather unusual (bald) head of Moel. She is like this much of the time. She was a chick which took about 15 months in order to acquire her full adult feathers,but is perfectly healthy. I don't think this chick was from an egg of hers, as others had clearly donated to her.

    I'm not sure yet as to whether Mrs Grey is going to remain broody, but it's looking that way...NOT THAT I HAVE NOTICED.

  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Moel does look rather proud to be a mum - bless her!  And I'm no expert on boys but....looks like a cock to me :))
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Now Helen, you're joining Kath's Cockerel Camp.

    Frankie can stay, whatever the sex as long as Gordon is OK with it.
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    bless him ...hes a whopper!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mrs grey is fast approaching the half way mark - im pretty sure she will continue
    my Sally sioux has gone back into lay but no sign of her going broody again ...think ill have to wait til next year to try for a cockerel
    now im trying for a cockerel watch all the eggs turn into hens
    xx kath
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Unfortunately, folks, the size of this little blighter, the thick legs ,the total absence of any adult-type feathers to date, and the confident attitude scream cockerel, but he ho, I'll post him to you,Kath.

    Mrs grey has decided to stay put and had just one eggs. Somehow she now seems to have 4....NOT THAT I HAVE NOTICED HER. My daughter informed me that she had seen Mrs Grey soaked through to her skin getting food this morning, but had since disappeared....I've let her in on the secret.

    The swallows and house martens are going round and round the house in big groups over the last few days. They must be going to leave. They have had a very good year here with 3 house marten and 3 swallow nests (and piles of poo everywhere) around the house. I'll be sad to see them go.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    how is mrs grey getting along with those cockerel eggs ? is she still broody ?

    im sure you wont miss the swallows for long ...soon be time to rescue a hedgehog
    xx kath
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Kath....Frankie is growing like a weed and Mrs Grey is nearly at the end of week 2 with 4 eggs of which 2 have very active embryos,though one of the two has an eccentric air space , so may need help to hatch.

    OH found Mrs G on her eggs  during week one(under the jasmine bush by the gable end)and took them out, I put them back. Prior to e night of heavy rain I took her and her eggs down to the sheep shed to be next to Moel. Ever the perfect broody, she didn't turn a feather and continued to sit. She is now sitting with her bum end in a cardboard box and her front end out.

    Frankie and Moel now have free range of the sheep shed and are running around there. In they day they are just a couple of feet from the ex-feral shed cat, Minnie, and are regularly visited by Diva (house cat) and Gordon and the girls. Nobody turns a hair (much to the amazement of a friend of mine who was visiting). Add into the mix the dog and 2 huge full grown rams  (being treated for their fight-inflicted wounds!) and the scene is a bit strange. Moel is an excellent, if extremely laid back, mum. Frankie only has a few adult wing feathers and is clearly affected by the late -feathering gene (common in Brahmas). Noel (Welsh for bald) didn't acquire here adult feathers fully until she was 15 months old....and still has a bald head.

    I now have a La Flèche hen who is 'behaving oddly' (even for a La Flèche). She has stayed out the last 3 nights and has disappeared into a wooded area behind the sheep shed. I followed her this morning all around the perimeter (in my pjs and the pouring rain) until she disappeared into a dark area (she's all black, so utterly invisible). So, I got soaked and muddy, but am none the wiser.

    We're almost overrun with hedgehogs this year. Might have something to do with releasing a huge monster of a male hedgehog out in April after over-wintering in the old chicken pen.

    How's the tarpaulin? Do you have some difficulty with Imperial to metric? (I have an unhappy knack of inverting numbers e.g 61 becomes 16.....useful where age is concerned,though).

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    watch your dog with the hedgehogs .....twice now my George has fetched an adult hedgehogs up to the house in the night.....  result  ... a nasty wound on his chin that got infected
    i really dont know how he manages to walk around with a hedgehog in his mouth ..maybe hes using them as a toothpick
    the tarp is still looking good and the neighbours have something to chuckle about
     i need to order two lengths of wood to replace the roof beams in the main run that have bowed over time ...i know thy need to be 8ft long and 2x3ins but im bound to get it wrong in conversion
    xx kath
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