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Egg laying at 9 years of age

My Dark Brahma hen, Mrs Grey, has laid an egg today....aged about nine and a half. She has been sitting daily in a jasmine plant by the wall....always a noisy I've known she was there. Today she lays an egg.

I guess she has laid about 100 eggs in her lifetime.....always fat, always broody. Compare this with production hens.....Mrs G probably is how hens were meant to be.....not everyone's cup of tea, but the ideal incubator.



  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Good on you Mrs Grey!  Wish we could just inject some of those genes into retired batties.

    What's the age record for your Brahmas then Sandie?
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Mrs G is my oldest,Helen. I hatched her a short while after starting to keep chickens again, 10 years ago. I think that they can live up to about 15 as 'pets', but it's pretty uncommon.

    Some have even claimed that they have had Brahmas to about 17.....not authenticated, though.

    Mrs G is in excellent condition and doesn't look 'old'....thick,shiny feathers, rather fat, very bossy.

    The poor little battles burn out so fast because they are bred for reproductive overdrive....leading to their common reproductive cancers and early death (not that I need to be repeating this to you,Helen).


  • Littlechick Senior Member
    Well done to Mrs G. Nature knows best. Those hens who lay less and take time out for a broody spell here or there definitely have longer life expectancy. 3 black rocks here and the girl who lived the longest went broody and mothered 3 chicks.
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    <:-P mrs grey is a legend !
    at 9 shes older than some breeds of dogs live for
    Georgie is coming up to 9 but stopped laying last year mrs grey she was a notorious broody but laying very few eggs
    Lillybeth is a year younger and still in lay - never gone broody but only lays for 6 weeks each year

    Jules -my 2 chuckle sisters . speckled sussex,.... i lost Pollyanna last year - she never went broody ...Sally sioux regularly goes broody and is still with me

    so is mrs grey getting some eggs to hatch this year now youre short of cockerels ?
    xx kath
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Kath.....cockerels????? >:) Grrrrrrrr :-B

    As my only remaining male is Gordon, the eggs would have to be somebody else's.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    im really missing Krull but think adding a cockerel to this mix may be tricky with the bluebelles
    the bluebelles are still segregated as they cause chaos every time they mix with the bantams... they are taking a lot longer to tame than any ive had before and Isabella still panics if i dare to touch her  ..i didnt help things yesterday when Rhona got under my feet and i nearly fell on top of Isabella
     i wasnt well for a while back in june so the boys took over chook duty ....they did a good job but theyre not as hands on as me and Sally sioux ended up staying broody far too long ...luckily Buffy stopped her prolapsing so they didnt have to deal with that
     i had hoped to get eggs to go under Sally sioux  to try for a cockerel but as usual my plans were scuppered
     theres still the silkies though and the chance of nice weather in the autumn
    xx kath
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Mrs Grey is laying regularly...about  5 days in a week. (She is bound to go broody in the next day or two).

    Speaking of broody......I found Moel....aged about 7.5 to 8 sitting like a drowned rat in a tuft of grass on 13 eggs .....completely invisible to all but the most careful scrutiny. Candling shows embryos about 10 days old in approx. 6 of them. I have thrown out 3 which were either showed  no signs of embryo or no signs of movement.Of the remaining 10, 4 appear far too porous and at least another 2 don't like healthy.

    Moel has never succeeded in hatching, but I haven't the stomach to destroy the eggs,so we'll see.

    I tried to post a pick of the 'invisible' Moel, but my internet speed is too slow.

  • Littlechick Senior Member
    Keep us updated on Moel's progress - is she safe in the grass? Two years ago little Tango spent weeks in a hedge before I realised she wasn't around during the day and found her on a stash of about 12 eggs
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    She's in the shed (barn) now,Jules. She's down to 7 eggs , with about 4 looking pretty good, but she's a hopeless broody....already has left eggs out, covered them with poo, etc. She has also gone and sat on my fake eggs when I have forcibly ejected from her eggs (she never gets up if I don't take her off).

    It would be a minor miracle if she achieved any live hatches.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hows the expectant mum doing?
    heres hoping the final eggs make it ok and you get some much needed cockerels .....
     my silkies are broody again but not Sally Sioux who has just had a mini moult so the chances of her going broody again this year are looking slim
    found some faverolles eggs on e bay but dont like the look of the feedback history .. by the time i get around to deciding what to do itll be winter !!!!!!!!!!
    xx kath
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    She's down to 3 eggs now....left a few to go icy, broke one, one exploded etc....and only two look as though they are lively.

    She's brooded and failed several times before.

    We should know if any will hatch in the next few days.

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