Just to say that I will make sure to delete any that I find when I log on as they are pretty irritating and are deterring folk from using the forum.

Glad to find that Helen has emerged from background.



  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member

    Go Sandie!

    All I can say is these spammers must lead such boring sad lives...............

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    brilliant news sandie
    al and tina have posted on off your chest again - brilliant pictures from them
    theres loads of spam down there so its just by chance im finding their posts
    x kath
  • Littlechick Senior Member
    If you go to the recent discussions link it all comes up, so much this morning...
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Hi, I 'took out' some yesterday, and have deleted back to the start of July. I'll keep on deleting them daily, and hopefully the site will look less swamped by those with too much time on their hands and no brains.

  • doormouse Senior Member
    edited August 2015
    Well done Sandie :-h I generally have reverted to just looking at the health and welfare bit...I'd like to be in the spammers' heads for...oooh...3 minutes, just to get an idea of how bored they must be! :P M
  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member
    It would only take 3 seconds :-) :-)
  • Littlechick Senior Member
    Thanks Sandie.... I'm guessing they make a bit of money from each hit on a website/link that they seed in forums etc....
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Some idiot has already posted four times on the forum....he must be desperate.

  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Pity we can't make them into real spam and feed them to the animals >:)
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