Still Alive....Just about

sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
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Me that is.....I think my chickens are OK.

After the usual scramble for beds....go ahead came at 11:00a.m.

Hospital staff uniformly lovely. Op. at 3:00 p.m......woke up to feeling of swelling and tinnitus. Able to eat, drink end pee, so allowed home.

Noticed that septic toes (I didn't tell the hospital about them!) felt VERY sore too, lines coming up foot. Found some old antibiotics and started them.

Slept poorly...tinnitus, pain, and now 'whooshing' in time with my heartbeat in the left ear. I'm hoping this is all down to swelling and have dosed myself up massively since waking at 3:00a.m.

I'm going out to see my cooks and sheep as soon as it gets light. Dog and cats have already treated me as though I'm fully a little chicken and sheep therapy won't go amiss.



  • Littlechick Senior Member
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    Good morning Sandie. Oh dear, did the doctors tell you what to expect after the operation? It doesn't sound great. And the tracking up your legs...... that is (I think) the beginning of septicaemia which as you know is serious.... can you go and see your GP asap? :(
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
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    Thank You,Jules,I was aware that things may not necessarily feel good right away....but you can always hope.

    Pain and pressure have settled a bit in the ears ,though tinnitus is about the same.

    I went to the Gp who says I have FROSTBITE in the toes of my bunion......those animals have a lot to answer for!

    Oh well....I'll just go and see my girls....wearing tights and two pairs of goat socks.

  • doormouse Senior Member
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    So far so good Sandie...hope things continue to improve for you! Chook and sheep therapy sounds just what the doctor ordered - but I also prescribe being waited on hand and foot for a bit - while you look after those toes...take care!;) M
  • 275wright275wright Senior Member
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    Oh Sandie, I hope things settle down soon for you, but it is early days and there must be a lot of swelling and that to go down. Tinnitus sounds so unpleasant and frost bite so painful. At least it is all over and you can start to get better.
  • MEGAN Senior Member
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    Gosh glad you had it checked out with the doctor. Brave lady.
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
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    Oh dear Sandie, surely you are far too young for everything to be about to drop off/rot away etc:eek: Besides - you need to be in good health when us lot start to arrive for our sloe gin and digestives:D

    Just a thought - but maybe the docs could transplant your brain into 'Longface', then you should live forever, sucking on digestives, with a lovely warm coat and hardy feet;)

    Seriously though - I do wish you well, and hope this cures that awful tinnitus.
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
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    so pleased everything went well
    heres hoping you have a speedy recovery and soon will be gamboling around with the lambs:D
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
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    Megan....I fell about as brave as a newborn lamb.... I'm scared, in pain, and feel awful right now.

    Kath,I'm told everything went as planned, but it hardly feels that way. Yesterday afternoon I had awful pressure and pain and wasn't able to get air through either my own tubes or the grommets,thought to be due to swelling. The anti-inflammatories have severely inflamed my stomach lining,so I have had to leave them off. I was ready to throw in the towel last night.....not feeling too much better this morning.

    Helen....I think there's little brain left there to transplant...the old girl is wiser than me.

    Thank you folks for your kind thoughts.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
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    been thinking about you a lot Sandie ..and wishing you well
    i so hope today is starting to get better for you
    i would be in bed if it was me ...not going out in the snow and ice ...cant be good for you
    so take it easy today ..orders from doctor Kath:D
    if you get bored just spend your time planning what the next breed of cockerels you're going to hatch ...if you're lucky i may get a Brahma x Georgie egg you could have...wouldnt that be lovely for you :eek:
    have you thought about breeds yet or are you sticking to who you know ....ive heard you can buy emu eggs on e bay :eek:
    xx kath
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