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My lovely 5 year old Blue Partridge Brahma cock is gone.

I have been treating him for an infected leg....antibiotics, draining cop[ious amounts of pus.....for two weeks. For the last 3 days he has only come out of the pen and sat outside (trying to maintain his alpha position). I have carried him back to the coop at night.

Today,when carrying him up to the house for re-dressing, he was floppy and quiet. There was copious blood and pus soaking his bandages and the smell was overwhelming.

It was clear that the tendons had snapped in his toes eaten away by the gangrene which was now evident.

It was not fair to let him continue to suffer.....

RIP my lovely Twp....beautiful, mild mannered and charming.



  • doormouse Senior Member
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    The right decisions are sometimes the hardest:( Any idea what caused the infection?

    I remember him from his name from years ago! Twp by name, but much more than that by nature...he'll be causing a stir at that party!;) M
  • 275wright275wright Senior Member
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    So sorry you've lost your lovely boy Sandie. That sounded an awful painful condition he had, but you seemed to have done all you could for him and avoided even more suffering. RIP Twp. xxxx
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
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    I've no idea as to why his leg was infected,Marie.....maybe stood on something sharp or a splinter of wood etc.

    I knew he couldn't recover,but it still is a very hard decision to make. He really could not walk at all and the smell was appalling.

    He WAS a lovely boy and admired by all who saw him.

    Mrs Grey and Warrren are in the pen sitting in the place where he has been staying for the last week or is really strange....I'm sure they know.

    That party is getting to be very big up there.....

  • monkeymummy Senior Member
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    Ah Sandie, so sorry to hear that. Sounds like you gave him the best chance. Still never any easy decision though. X
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
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    Oh I know how hard that decision is Sandie:(

    Our Cleo also snapped a tendon, which we were able to pull out like a string one day, and her leg was pretty awful smelling.

    Poor Twp would have struggled to do his thing on one leg bless him;) so there was really only one choice for him.

    He had a good romp while he could with your lot. May he continue wherever he is!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
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    so sorry to hear about Twp Sandie . such a handsome fella and certainly not twp by nature
    i know they are all special but some seem to gel with us more than others and losing them hits us harder
    poor mrs grey and warren:(
    look after yourself
  • Littlechick Senior Member
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    Very sad to hear that your beautiful boy has gone. It's so frustrating when we can't save them. Mrs Grey and Warren must be missing him too, but he isn't in pain now. x
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