Bats in the Bedroom

sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
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Ok,not even a bird.....but they fly very well (unlike my bigger chickens). Almost a sequel to my last "Carry on" moment with my unplanned hatch.

Just gone to bed,lying in the pitch balk and there is an odd scratching noise....near to where OH is lying. "What's that?" says he...."Don't know" says I,though bat did come to mind as they are very active right now. More scratching. "There's something near me" says OH in a shaky voice,followed by him climbing over me to get to the light switch (apparently too scared to get out of his side of the bed!).

There in the light is a pretty large bat,circling around. "Open the window wider" says I. OH clearly afraid,so I throw the window wide open. It headed down to the floor behind a chair. OH peers down at it. "Is it safe to's a big beggar"....."Of course" says I "vampire bats are much smaller than that". "Could it be one?" says he....."No," says I "I was joking,there are no vampire bats in Britain".

So he gingerly puts his hands out to pick it up (I offered to get it,but he wanted to prove how brave he was)."Let me see it's face" says I....but he has his hands open through the window before I had chance to finish the sentence. Off it fluttered into the night sky.

So Noctule maybe, Greater Horseshoe (had one of those in the living room a few years back ).

I should have told OH we may have a bat roost in the roof space.... and that,being a protected species, he would have to learn to live with them.....but that would just have been a bit too cruel.



  • monkeymummy Senior Member
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    Ha ha, that's excellent! Poor OH he did try to be brave..
  • 275wright275wright Senior Member
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    Oh Sandie I can just imagine the scene :D I love bats. Your very lucky if they choose your house to
  • Barley Senior Member
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    Ha ha Sandie .. A lovely story and told so well !
    I remember a couple of years back that I told OH and daughter there was a bat in the bedroom but they kept trying to convince me I was going mad!
    All they kept saying was. Don't be daft there is no bat in the bedroom .. After extensive searching.
    That was until I told my daughter to sit with me third night running and boy did she scream when the bat emerged !
    OH caught it and put it out of the window !
    The other morning he went to let chickens out and noticed a bat in the dogs bucket of water....thinking the worst he took it out only for it to flutter it's wings, so he put it to rest in the hanging basket away from the dogs. About an hour later it had gone , so hopefully it dried out and flew away !
    Lin. X x x x x
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
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    Doesn't OH know that it's good to try new things in the bedroom:eek:

    Anyway - now Sandie has an ex-bat everyone:D
  • sandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
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    Not exactly an ex-bat....more a real-time mega-bat.......
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
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    ive often wondered what those strange lights were beyond the Beacons - now i know ...its people turfing bats out of their bedrooms in the still of night :D
    theres quite a few bats around here , dont know where they roost but i love watching them swooping around at dusk...must remember to keep my bedroom window closed:eek:
  • doormouse Senior Member
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    Brilliant!:D I'd love to see bats but the closest I get to one is my stone one hanging upside down off the shed...I did find a stag beetle at the weekend though which OH says was pretty rare for our parts!:) M
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
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    Very rare to find them in your parts I'd say missus:eek:
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