vet help please

whitneyplu Junior Member
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I live in Texas and I can not find a vet anywhere within a 4 hour drive that will see any bird other than hookbills. Can a vet here give me any suggestions that might persuade them into seeing my birds from chickens to pheasants. Otherwise I have to just try and figure what is making them sick and medicate them thru trail and error. Right now I have a peacock that when he calls several times in a row his voice has a cracking sound at the end of the last call. He is 6 years old and has not done this before until a month ago. I have wormed him with Ivamec and even started mixing 2 pounds of DE with 50 lbs of feed. I have also gave him febabenzol( not the right spelling but you get the name i am trying to say). I have also gave him a medicine for CRd and it still continues. One vet said when I brought him in " he is probably horse and we do not see farm birds, you need to find someone else." I even told him I would pay him double the office visit to no help. How do I get these vets to help?
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