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help advice needed

nolan1977nolan1977 Junior Member
HI all,

I need some help please. I have never had ducks before and I have acquired some. 3 females and a male. They are 6 weeks old. I only picked up the ducks on Saturday afternoon. I have just finished their enclosure. I have been keeping them in the garage in the duck house. Now this is where I need the advice.

1) The ducks are very nervous of me, they run away whenever I go near them. Is this normal

2) Will this pass with time?

When it come to getting them into the duck house at night its really difficult. They dont want to go in, Is there a trick that I can use to get them used to going in at night?

They are eating and drinking well.

Is there any food that they cant eat?

I welcome any advice that anyone can give me

Thanks for reading this post.



  • KerryKerry Senior Member
    edited May 2012
    Hi Nolan, We like you picked our ducklings up on Saturday but ours were only day old ducklings :D so i have a while to get to your stage but they do seem a little scared of our hands in their cage. I have heard that they learn quickly, how about leading them in with a little treat like lettuce? I’ll be watching to see what people suggest as this is all new to me as well. Good luck.
    Kerry :)
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited May 2012
    I don't have ducks but there are other members that do. If you don't get any more replies it is worth posting this thread on the "Health & Welfare" section.
  • nolan1977nolan1977 Junior Member
    edited May 2012
    Hi Kerry

    Thanks for the reply. I will try the lettuce treat and see how it goes. I am going to put the duck house in the enclosure tomorrow and see how the ducks get on with the open space.

    I will post some pics tomorrow


  • AllanoAllano Junior Member
    edited July 2012
    That was just normal since they are still babies but as you get along they will also get used with your online merchant account.
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