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cream legbars girls or boys?

tinajharveytinajharvey Junior Member
edited October 2012 in Pure Breeds and Enthusiasts
I have aquired two cream crested legbars which i was told were girls and they both did have a black strip and markings on their faces but one of the is now turning very white and I was wondering if you think I have been sold a boy. they are now three weeks old. when can you tell for sure what sex they are?


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited October 2011
    Cream Legbars can theoretically be sexed at one day old. Here is a link that may help you.


    Also - if you can post a pic then someone is bound to be able to help.
  • tinajharveytinajharvey Junior Member
    edited October 2011
    I still think one may be a boy (very white) but no headspot. Heres a link to a pic which may help. Obviously the little ginger chick is not in question.

  • spodskispodski Senior Member
    edited January 2012
    I would say the one with the bigger comb is definitely a boy! Get in touch with your supplier, if they are reputable they will exchange for you.
  • edited June 2012
    I would agree it's a boy.

    If they are of reasonable quality, they should be easy to sex as day olds as soon as they have dried out so if the breeder has made a mistake, they might have lost some of the autosexing qualities. Many of them have.

    There is a picture of the chicks at day old (towards the bottom of the page) here: Autosexing Cream Legbars
  • LittlechickLittlechick Senior Member
    edited June 2012
    The one on right could be a boy, though I had one that I thought was a boy until she went down for me and started laying lol! They are an interesting colour for creme legbars. My 3 new girls who are now about ten weeks old have classic legbar markings/colours and look very different. Did you see the parents? Of my two older legbars, one is classic colouring and the other is black speckled....... either the owner mixed up eggs or her breeding stock was not perfect. I prefer the latter idea as the speckled girl lays green eggs!
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