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incubator hatching problem

bennieb31bennieb31 Junior Member
edited February 2012 in Pure Breeds and Enthusiasts
i am hatching out pynchoen and d'uccle and oegb eggs, when i first started i was having a tuff time. things were getting better and i am still hatching about 65-75% of the eggs which is a hug inprovement from a few months ago. but i had a problem yesterday with two of the eggs. one wouldn't have hatched out if i didn't help the out or inner shell membrane got hard the peep could get out. it was stuck to its leg and parts of his body. the other one never hatch fully. i notice that the peep was working on it but didn't get to far. when i opened the door to get the peeps out i went to pick up the egg and the shell stuck to the paper towels in the hatch tray and the inner or out membrane was hard and the peep never tryed to break through it. my humidity is at 80% when i hatch. could it be the paper towels drying out the eggs? anyone have a idea what i might be or what i can do to change it?
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