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spoilt turkey chick

kelly140584 Member
edited February 2012 in Pure Breeds and Enthusiasts
I hatched 2 lots of turkey eggs within a week of each other , 1st batch had 4 out of 6 and 2nd lot had 1 out of 6 ( not bad seen as they were posted ) .The lonely chick from the second batch hatched well but had problems standing . It wasn't splayed leg i think the poor little might had just worn himself out . i wrapped him up in a childs blanket kinda like a nest and gave him some suger water , within in 2 hours he was up and walking around :D . I didn't put him in with the older chicks i placed him on his own still in the blanket with a lamp , the following morning he was on his back and couldn't stand again :confused: i gave him some food and water and he ate it like no tomorrow . Since then he has had me running circles around him , iv tried putting him in with other turkey chicks and is having on of it , he wont settle down without his blanket . its really quite funny , if i take it from him he just calls for it until i give it him back , he runs straight to it and tries to burry his head :D . He will have to have it took off him one day i cant imagin a fully grown turkey carrying a comfort blanket . :D


  • spodski Senior Member
    edited February 2012
    It must have bonded with it, will think it's mum! Bless him! Nothing wrong with a comfort blanket until ready to exchange for stuffing and cranberry sauce!:D

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