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sick hen! urgent

asd1 Junior Member
edited October 2010 in Poultry Health and Welfare
Hello all im new to this site and need help urgently! i have 6 hens 4 are ex free range girls (my big girls) and have had two previous owners before me and the other two are lavender araucana bantams. This morning one of my big girls didnt want to come out of her coop and i noticed she wasnt eating as much as normal she seemed sort of sleepy thats the best i can describe it.
she has also stopped laying but this could be due to the weather, Atm i am treating them all for mites with "total mite kill powder" i didnt know if mite could be the cause of this illness?
Background info on them; they all eat organic layers pellets, have grit and poultry spice, fresh water corn in the evenings, kitchen scraps and are let out of there run onto the grass in the evenings. the four big girls had worms in the summer before i got the bantams and altho i treated them for this they never put back on all the weight they lost from this.
I know hens go down hill quickly so im very worried please help!


  • crazychick Senior Member
    edited October 2010
    If your hen went downhill that quickly (overnight) I would first treat for eggbinding. Check her vent- is it puckering or dripping white-to-clear liquid? Is she standing with her wings a bit draggy and eyes closed? If so, give her 2-3 cc liquid calcium (available from a chemist) or even a 500 mg calcium tablet, crushed and mixed with water. Then, also give her an 81 mg aspirin OR 0.1 mg/kg metacam, if you happen to have it. The aspirin will help deal with the pain of eggbinding as well as take the inflammation down in the oviduct that often comes as a result of a stuck egg. The calcium will stimulate contractions in the oviduct and get the egg moving again. Separate the hen and keep her warm- repeat the calcium in 6-8 hours if you see nothing happening (only give 2 cc the second time) but don't repeat the aspirin for at least 12 hours. If you do not suspect eggbinding and you think something else is going on, it sounds like she will require a trip to the vet for some antibiotics ASAP, as she likely has an acute infection brewing in her abdomen, which is a common problem in ex-batts. Usually treating with baytril (15mg/kg, twice a day, orally or IM) and lincospectin (30 mg/kg, once per day, IM) does the trick but only if you catch it fast enough...

    Good luck with her,


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