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sick chicken

jessica Junior Member
edited October 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
my rhode island red seems a little off. she's all puffed up, she holds her head in, shakes her head alot, off color, she seems sleepy. she eats a little, but not super interested in it like the other girls. she's 1 1/2 years old.:confused: HELP!


  • chickensRcool Member
    edited October 2010
    Your chicken is doing exactly what my chicken is doing! You should get her to the vet and get her antibiotics imedietly. I have heard that feeding sick chickens tomatoes would cure them. It worked on some of my chickens. I also heard that feeding them garlic would kill bacteria and also worked as a antibiotic. If that does not work, please take your chicken to the vet and have her get some antibiotics. Your chicken probably has upper respiratory infection.
  • toulacross Senior Member
    edited October 2010
    try collodial silver its a natural antibotic see the mycloplasma thread under chicken health for my info on it , though if shes too far gone she will need to go to a vet but it might be worth a try.
    Apple cide vinegar will also help, put it in her water.
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