Hi, new to this! Campbell ducks

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I'm unsure if I am posting in the correct categroy of the forum? (if not, please direct me to where I should be!)

Basically, I wanted ducks for a long time, and eventually managed to convince my partner! So with that, I now ave 3 Khaki Campbells, and theyre great, absolutly love them!

So now, I have brought and incubator, got the materials for a brooder, and all th rest of it lol!

So, my first question is concerning the ducks I already have, I'm worried that they were put on to straw too soon, they was 10days old when i got them, and i have read it can cause them to have bad legs?

I'm hoping to hatch my first eggs soon, ive never done it before so I will be looking for as much information I can possibly find! So peeps be ready for a zillion questions!!! Thankss guuyyss


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    if I may ask, how much you payed for those ducks? and are they hard to "maintain"?
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    DirkMack - this is a very old thread you have resurrected so you are unlikely to get a reply.

    There might be someone who can still help you, but otherwise maybe you have a local poultry group on 'facebook' that can help with your query about costs etc?
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