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found my duck without a head?

jackobean Junior Member
edited February 2010 in Pure Breeds and Enthusiasts
today my mum found my duck without its head in our back garden, she seems to think its a fox but me and my brother think different.
the Indian runner was found with just its head and neck missing from its shoulders up, with the head and neck no where to be seen, the floor is very muddy and soft with no poor prints what so ever, all the walls around my garden are six foot or higher, the duck was found with all its feathers and no teeth marks in its body, where the head and neck was missing it was more like it had been cut off or broken or twisted off rather than bitten or chewed off, there is no possible way a fox can get in the garden, the other Indian runner was absolutely fine and unharmed, the duck was found dead cornered in a gap about a foot and a half wide between the shed and the garden wall, there was only a few feathers where it was lieing, it happened when no one was in the house what so ever and i live in the middle of Cardiff(for those of you who don't know where that is its the capital of Wales) and it happened around 10-11 am.

any find this all a bit strange apart from me?, apparently fox's strip the prey of all its feather and then take it back to there den as well as killing all the ducks there to come back and take them and we only had 2 ducks?.


  • kernowclick Senior Member
    edited November 2009
    Hi, could it be a rat or some other rodent? Look for their tiny footprints in the mornings. Rats will strike in daylight although they prefer night time. Unfortunately poultry attract rats and you may have to be vigilant. Rats seem to like ducks - I lost several ducks years ago in the same night through rat attack, they bit their heads off too.
  • Faysky Junior Member
    edited November 2009

    There were no signs of entry here either.
    Fox jumped onto wire meshed roof 9 ft off the ground and slithered under the join! One fox killed 20 chickens in as many minutes at around 11 doubt about who did it....he was still in the pen and couldn't find a way out! Vicious b'tard
  • fupaspat Junior Member
    edited December 2009
    Excellent ! I like it very much
  • Gypsy07 Junior Member
    edited January 2010
    IMO the words 'Fox' and 'No Possible Way' just don't go together. In my old house I used to look out of our first floor window and see foxes lying stretched out sunbathing on the apex of our garage roof, having got there by climbing up the ivy growing on the side wall. This was a 12 foot shimmy, but they did it no problem, and almost without making any noise too! I've seen foxes up trees, down drains and slithering through gaps in fences that you'd think cats would get stuck in.

    Also I don't think foxes have one particular killing method where poultry and waterfowl are concerned. Sometimes they kill everything and leave the bodies behind, sometimes they snatch one and run off with it. We have lost three geese to foxes in the last year. One was taken away and the only evidence was a large pile of feathers halfway down the field. One was left dead in the barn with hardly a mark on it. The last one was attacked but not killed and we found it bleeding in the middle of the yard.
  • Storm Junior Member
    edited February 2010
    Hello - we had similar thing happen many years ago, 12 duckings were found in their run all with no heads. CCVT showed 2 very large rats!

    Also, while it horrible when one of pets is killed lets not forget that the foxes/rats etc are just trying to survive. It sometimes seems malicious when they have killed loads and left but this is how they work, they will kill everything they can then go back and forth collecting their bounty, as long as they are not disturbed......

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