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  • Please use this forum for any poultry health, welfare or management issue. If you have a problem with your layers, broilers, chickens, turkeys, duck, geese, emu or ostrich post it here, and hopefully someone will be kind enough to answer your query.
    12,860 discussions 87,066 commentsMost recent: Stock Exchange Hints To Put Money Into … by andreyzd7yFebruary 23
  • Please use this forum for any commercial poultry related issue. This forum is specifically for commercial producers, veterinary surgeons and consultants to exchange ideas and discuss commercial production related issues, be it large or small scale. Non commercial posts will be removed, please use the other forums for these.
    198 discussions 611 commentsMost recent: Checking Out Los Angeles County Marriag… by pavelma2pFebruary 23
  • This forum is designed for the poultry breeders and enthusiasts to ask questions and recant their stories. If you breed show poultry or are simply a poultry enthusiast please feel free to contribute here.
    682 discussions 2,483 commentsMost recent: OBGYN Germantown by siebrasejs2:47AM
  • Farmers – do you have a farm vacancy? Workers – do you have specific skills to offer? If so you can post your details here, include your location and email address for interested parties to contact you. This service is free to farmers and individuals, companies can contact for details of the recruitment packages we offer on Please note all posts are reviewed and this may incur a delay on the publication of your information.
    189 discussions 484 commentsMost recent: Think Investing Is Too Insecure For You… by d5wlefadeevFebruary 23
  • Buying or Selling, this is the place to look. If you are looking for something to buy or have something to sell simply place your offer here. Two considerations: Give an idea of your location (County and Country) and Ensure you leave a valid email address so interested parties can contact you. Threads will be removed after 12-16 weeks.
    2,182 discussions 4,678 commentsMost recent: Chose The Best rated Native Americas Wi… by valentinmisor2:46AM
  • Got an opinion? Express it here! This zone where we encourage you to express your forthright opinion on general poultry industry topics. Please bear the rules in mind and keep it clean when posting. Proper use of this zone should ensure the other zones are not populated with inappropriate postings.
    290 discussions 1,289 commentsMost recent: Download San Bernardino Death Records O… by artemblolryabovFebruary 23

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